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David McMunn

David McMunn

Director & Head of Technology & Digital Law


David McMunn is a Director and Head of Technology & Digital Law. David has over twenty years of experience in the telecoms, media and technology sector with specific expertise in all matters concerning the creation, transmission and market impact of all types of digital content. Before joining KPMG Law, David worked in a wide range of industries including telecom, healthcare, financial services, SaaS, content providers and digital platforms.

David has in-depth knowledge of the new and emerging digital technology regulation. David has worked with technology companies to create, develop and maintain policies and processes to deal with regulation in a cost-efficient manner. He also has significant commercial and corporate acumen, having served as a senior executive and director in the media sector for 15 years. He is skilled in negotiating and resolving complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes, as well as managing crisis situations and stakeholder communications.