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21 November 2023

In our previous article on “Work Life Balance legislation” we highlighted the introduction of the Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2023 (the “Act”), which includes the amendments to existing legislation, flexible working and remote working requests, and the introduction of two new leave provisions.

The majority of the provisions under the Act came into force in July 2023. Section 7 of the Act (through the insertion of section 13AA to the Parental Leave Act 1998), relating to domestic violence leave entitlement, has yet to be commenced.

Minister O’Gorman recently confirmed the provisions of the Act relating to domestic violence leave will come into effect on 27 November 2023. From this date, any employee who has or is experiencing domestic violence, will be entitled to avail of five days leave in a 12-month period, at their normal rate of pay, in order to access the following services and advice:

The new provisions also provide for employees to take domestic violence leave to assist a prescribed person who is or who has experienced domestic violence in the past, with access to the above services and advice.

As we are expecting the commencement of this entitlement by 27 November 2023, we are assisting employers prepare for this new leave, including how to respond to notice of leave taken, and how leave provisions can be reflected in policies and procedures.

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