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6 March 2023

Effective 16 February 2023, Ireland has extended all residence permits granted on the basis of temporary protection, to Ukrainian nationals until 4 March 2024.1 (For related coverage, see GMS Flash Alert 2022-045, 4 March 2022.)

Why this matters

Ukrainian nationals in Ireland with a Temporary Protection Certificate (“TPC” or “yellow paper”), are not required to apply for a new TPC or Irish Residence Permit (IRP), even if the current document is expiring.

If a Ukrainian national intends to travel internationally and return to Ireland, an expired TPC may be used as proof of entitlement to re-enter the country until 4 March 2024.  Foreign nationals intending to travel under these arrangements should print the notice available on Immigration Service Delivery’s website and present it, along with their expired TPC or IRP card, to the immigration authorities and airline carriers, as requested.

The extension to temporary protection and any subsequent IRP card is free-of-charge for beneficiaries of temporary protection.

Further information

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KPMG insights

Generally, individuals fleeing the war in Ukraine have been granted temporary protection status since the conflict began on 24 February 2022.  Subject to such individuals having temporary protection status, they have immediate access to the labour market, along with access to social welfare, accommodation, and other state supports including health-care and education.2  

If employers or individuals have questions regarding temporary protection (who is eligible, what entitlements are available, how to undertake registration of the immigration permission, etc.) and require further advice and assistance they should consult with their qualified immigration counsel or they can contact a member of the Immigration and Employment Law team with KPMG Law LLP in Ireland (see the Contacts section). 

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