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4 November 2022

On 12 October 2022, Ireland’s Minister for Business, Employment and Retail introduced a new bill (“the Bill”) concerning the Employment Permit system in Ireland.1 While still in draft stage, the Bill proposes several key changes, including the introduction of a new Seasonal Employment Permit, modernising of Labour Market Test Requirements, and the movement of several key timing criteria to Regulations.

Why this matters

The Bill if passed will modernise the Employment Permit system by consolidating all existing Employment Permit acts into one single source piece of legislation.  It will introduce a novel Seasonal Employment Permit in Ireland and will make key changes to the Labour Market Test system currently in operation.  It will also introduce new requirements for some Irish employers, in some instances making the grant of an employment permit conditional on the Irish employer undertaking to up-skill its existing workforce.

The Bill aims to create a more flexible Employment Permit system, and to allow Irish employers to fill labour market gaps with seasonal workers.  It may also reduce processing times for employment permits.

Key changes proposed

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1  Department of Justice (14 February 2023), "Minister Harris announces closure of the Immigrant Investor Programme."

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